Feedback forms are useful for any website. Many companies use the data they collect to conduct inner-office audits. Employee surveys are great if you want to find areas where you team is weak or locate differences in individual goals and priorities. You can build in questions to determine whether workplace morale needs improvement or management style is outdated.

If you’re in the retail business, you can use satisfaction surveys to launch new product lines. You can post images of your products online and include links to quick surveys. Your loyal customers and the general public are both great resources for polling public opinion. You can always create a basic survey and provide multiple text lines, so that people can make comments and suggestions.


Essential elements of feedback form design

For the form to be successful, the instructions must be easily understood and it should be easy to fill in. It should also be quick for the learner to complete. This all suggests a short questionnaire, one or two sides maximum with a limited number of questions having straightforward possible responses

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